I will be exploring places in a slow travel way which is intended to immerse oneself fully in place and time, thus becoming part of everyday life and the lives of its people, going beyond personal limits, cultural limitations and empty stereotypes.

“When I need to make myself go in search of open landscapes or the darkest forest, swamp thicker and more impenetrable to the eyes of people. I enter in a forest as a sacred place, where it resides the power and quintessence of Nature. And as the Earth needs fertilizer to be fertile, so man needs for his health, wide open spaces around them. The survival of a city does not depend on the righteousness of the people who live there, but by woods and swamps that surround it. With my passion for Nature, I would like to show that a healthy relationship with the environment can and must necessarily exist. In this sense, the photography must not only document the beauty of nature, but it must be a reason for hope in the future and a means to protect it.

In a hyper-connected world in which we live, with daily news that upset us and fill us constantly of strong emotions, difficult to manage, the Photography stops time and brings us to a more intimate and private reflection. It has a moral duty to stand critically against the status quo, especially when authorities are exercising their powers in opaque and coercive manner and when we come up against the reality, we must react and try to give an objective and critical sense that we surrounds.

The Photography for me is civic engagement, political, ethical, cultural and artistic.

I live the Photography as an identity document, as an interpretation of what surrounds me, but above all as a salvation and as truth. “

Publications – Shows – Adwars:
  • Show Merlino Gallery 2016 – Firenze
  • Show Terminal Macerata 2016 – Berlin
  • Semi-finalist in the competition of BioPhotoContest 2014
  • 2 photos finalists in the competition of Oasis Photo Contest 2013
  • 4 photos finalists in the competition of Oasis Photo Contest 2012 with 1 in nomination
  • Photo cover of the 2013 calendar of National Park’s of Sibillini Mountains
  • Calendar 2013 “Meridiani Montagne” – month April
  • 2012 – Photo 3 photo cover and inside the magazine “Meridiani Montagne” 58 – National Park’s of Sibillini Mountains
  • Selected among the 60 finalists for the Leica Talent Competition 2012
  • Portfolio selected on the site
  • Interview with the web magazine Rrose Selavy
  • Interview in the magazine “Space Italy” – October 2012
  • Finalist in the national competition National Geographic Italy 2012 – Places category
  • Finalist in the national competition International Mountain Summit 2012
  • 2 photos in the 2012 calendar of National Park’s of Sibillini Mountains
  • Calendar 2012 “Banca delle Marche”
  • 1st Winner – Photo Contest Nature of Park Sasso Simone and Simoncello
  • Show Letizia Ciccarelli E-Motion Art Macerata 2013 – National Park’s of Sibillini Mountains
  • Show Unifestival Macerata 2012 – Marche’s land
  • Show Raci Macerata 2012 – National Park’s of Sibillini Mountains